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Finding and building a product development team for your start-up or business can be challenging.
With our service you get an on-demand, turn-key multi-discipline team, freeing you up to scale your vision - With the option to adopt talents after 12 months.

* Start-up founder with a new venture? In a rush to-market and urgently need your PoC, MVP and pitch-decks done? We'd love to help! Our Sweat Equity Program offer up to 50% co-investment for your dream team, (up to 2.5 MSEK).


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Quality guaranteed

We have carefully hand picked all our talents to ensure we are able to offer the very best, no matter how small, big or complex your needs are. Either use our team builder or tell us more about your project and we'll help you build your dream team.

This coupled with an open door management approach nurtures the very best talents and allows everyone to feel comfortable and to focus on our core principle, to deliver the best competence around.

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers are saying.

Our talent

User Experience Designer

User advocate

The user experience designer brings together your users with your site and product. Signia's UX designers work include everything from creating single icons and buttons, to creating a complete design system for your product.

Chief Technology Officer

Decisions maker

The interim CTO helps assure your business' technology and operations needs, to ensure your product can rest on a solid foundation and support. The role also entails making sure your internal IT is secure and updated to meet all needs of your staff.

Front-end Developer

User interfaces

Traditionally, frontend developers have been considered performing lighter tasks than a backend developer. We at Signia however believe this is old news and have kept up with the progress. Signia's frontend developers are up to date with all the latest frameworks and are no strangers to implementing complex business logic.

Back-end Developer

Application servers

The most common business application design is the classic client-server model, where a backend takes care of computational heavy tasks and performance critical business intelligence. Signia's backend developers are well versed in all major languages, technologies and databases

What you get

Quality guaranteed: Our talent is hand picked by our own seasoned coworkers, assuring we only employ those with the right skills and cultural fit. If any of your assigned talent is not performing according to your expectations we will handle it without any extra cost for you.

Flexibility: Building the perfect team varies from business to business. Customizing our teams to fit your needs perfectly is our goal and no team composition is too small, little or complex.

Pricing guaranteed: We believe in a transparent WYSIWYG pricing model with a competitive starting rate. There are no hidden fees or commissions, the quoted price is the final price and includes everything. We employ a simple hourly rate per role which is then discounted based on requested weekly availability and contract length.

Option to adopt: After 12 months you have the option to request a talent adoption, incorporating already familiar talents into your own company.

Build your team

We have created three pre-made teams suitable for the different stages of your business. Click the tabs below to visualise each team. If you wish to build your own team, select the Custom tab.

Kick start your business

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Cost per hour

Product Development

iThe role develops and refines your business model. The role also covers product roadmap planning and identifying key product features.Product & Business Strategist

Cost per hour0 kr

iThe Interim CTO makes sure all your internal and external tech needs (including the very important ability to scale) are met and proper workflows are in place.Interim CTO

Cost per hour844 kr

iThe position is responsible for maximizing the value of the product resulting from the work of the Development Team, while also being responsible for the backlog.Interim Product Owner

Cost per hour0 kr

iThe UX designer takes cares of the full user experience for your product and handles the process of enhancing user satisfaction improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the it.UX Designer

Cost per hour634 kr

iThe SCRUM Master is the facilitator for an agile development teamy, in accordance with agile principles. The scrum master manages the process for how information (e.g product goals, scope, domain) is exchanged and understood.SCRUM Master / Agile Coordinator

Cost per hour0 kr

iThe Systems Tester designs test methods and conducts evaluations to determine product performance. Depending on project scale, QA engineer and tester might be covered by the same person.QA / Tester

Cost per hour0 kr


iThe Social Media Marketing Specialist helps drive traffic to your websites, promote your content using various advertising strategies, and develop relationships with key influencers and target audiences.Social Media Marketing Specialist

Cost per hour0 kr

iThe Content Marketing Specialist help provide your business with solid web content, giving browsers a legitimate reason to visit your site with the aim to provide interesting and relevant content to visitors, retain those readers and attract new ones.Content Marketing Specialist

Cost per hour0 kr

iThe Commercial Editor is responsible for developing and executing the commercialisation of content produced by your company. This includes creating opportunities to take to market and responding to opportunities presented.Commercial Editor / Copywriter

Cost per hour0 kr

Front-end Development

iThe UI Designer is responsible for the transference of your product’s development, research, content and layout into an attractive, guiding and responsive experience for users. Depending on project scale, UX designer and UI designer might be perofrmed by the same person.UI Designer

Cost per hour563 kr

iThe Software engineer is a developer with studies and experience to support the choice of platform.Software Engineer

Cost per hour488 kr

iThis role is the same as the Senior Software engineer, with the addition of having the capability to act as team leader for a development team.Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead

Cost per hour0 kr

Back-end Development

iThe Software engineer is a developer with studies and experience to support the choice of platform.Software Engineer

Cost per hour488 kr

iThis role is the same as the Senior Software engineer, with the addition of having the capability to act as team leader for a development team.Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead

Cost per hour589 kr


iThe DevOps Engineer is responsible for building tools that support mission-critical infrastructures. They form the core of the engineering department, and also support deployment of traffic management services and shared infrastructure. Such Engineers also constantly support existing websites and application.Dev Ops Engineer

Cost per hour0 kr

Term commitment

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  • 3m
  • 6m
  • 12m
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401,107 krper month

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What our clients say

A few testimonials

Niklas Björkman - CTO

Signia Labs has provided us with superb talents for a number of tasks and projects. Start-up times has been minimal and because of everyone’s dedication we’ve always hit the ground running, allowing us to meet expectations. Both Signia Labs’ management and the team leads have been very sensitive to our requests and requirements. Communication and integration with our own resources is seamless and well meets and, in many cases, even exceeds the expectations of any locally sourced team. Signia Labs' offering has really allowed us to get various projects going quickly and being unburdened by organizational and administrative tasks and costs is also an incentive to move forward with new projects.

IVC Group International/Evidensia

Robert Arneson – Co-Founder & CTO

Having the need to setup a specialized project team in a short time span, we took Signia Labs up on their promise to deliver and we’ve never regretted our decision. Everyone is very proficient, professional and both working together and communicating is effortless. It has been a pleasure not having to deal with any of the usual drawbacks with sourcing your own team or thinking about all extra start-up costs. A really optimal turn-key solution.

Brite AB

Sonja Petrović Lundberg CTO

As many others seeking good and reliable talent, we were a bit reluctant at first to put the responsibility of developing parts of our core software onto a remote team. Signia's developers have not only completely alleviated any concerns we might have had, but their competence and ability to integrate so well into our existing workforce have yielded results beyond our expectations. Signia's team feels like they are part of us and not consultants. Even if they are remote their communication skills have made it possible to work with them as any local team. Since Signia also have a local Swedish presence, we've always felt that if the need would arise, we could comfortably talk in our native language or even book a meeting in Stockholm.

Doctrin AB

Ingemar Johnsson CEO

Signia Labs has been the perfect development partner for us for over 3 years. They bring a high standard of performance, keen technical resources, an unparalleled work ethic. Signia Labs has consistently exceeded my, and my customers, expectations by providing quality solutions to an ever-growing complex technology landscape. is a platform for content creation, curation and marketing in complete synergy with consumers, owners and publishers through a smart contract driven sharing economy and as such it is very important to have a strong technology and code infrastructure to stay above your competition. Over the last 3 years, Signia Labs hasn't just been an outsourcing company for us, but an extension to our own team. They have a highly dedicated and stable team of engineers and project managers and are sure to add huge value to any business.

Stefan Johansson CTO

I needed a very simple yet stylish classic one page scrolling home page for my consulting business. Signia managed to allocate some free time from one frontend developer and a UX designer. Now my page is getting great feedback from customers and is looking better than I could ever have hoped.

SJ Consulting

About Us

Who we are

The Signia Group is a group of privately run companies with offices in Sweden, Norway, Poland, Italy and Australia. Our journey began in Sweden in 2005 with the inception of a next-gen online advertising platform. Since then we have broadened our reach into Publishing and Content Marketing, where we are very excited to soon launch a revolutionary content marketing platform.

Signia Labs

On our journey we have had the pleasure of both hiring and meeting some of the greatest competencies in software development today. Finding remote (but also local) development resources with excellent competencies and a high level of work ethics can be very challenging, which is why we created Signia Labs. We wanted to offer our experience and assistance to help other companies succeed as we have with remote teams, without having to worry about any recruitment processes, communication barriers or culture differences.


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